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Product Name Description PDF
PCM-261 LVDS/TTL to DVI Module No
PCM-3110A PCMCIA Module No
PCM-3112 2-slot PCMCIA Module No
PCM-3115 PC/104-Plus PCMCIA Module No
PCM-3116 2-slot mini PCI Module No
PCM-3117 PCI to ISA Bridge Module Yes
PCM-3201 PC/104 Sound Module No
PCM-3291 12 Channel Global Positioning System Receiver Module No
PCM-3292 12-Channel Global Positioning System Receiver Module No
PCM-3342 EVA-X4150 SoC PC/104 with VGA, LCD, LAN, USB, SATA, CF, PC/104 Yes
PCM-3347 STPC Elite II 133 MHz CPU Module with VGA/LCD, Ethernet & SSD No
PCM-3353 AMD® LX800 PC/104-Plus CPU Module Yes
PCM-3355 AMD LX800/LX600 PC/104 CPU Module Yes
PCM-3362 Intel® Atom N450 PC/104-Plus SBC,VGA, LVDS, LAN, USB, SATA,on-board flash Yes
PCM-3370 LV Intel® Pentium® III PC/104-Plus CPU Module No
PCM-3372 VIA Eden™ (V4) + CX700 PC/104-Plus CPU Module Yes
PCM-3375 VIA Mark CoreFusion™ Module with VGA/LCD, Ethernet & SSD Yes
PCM-3380 Intel® Pentium® M PCI-104 CPU Module No
PCM-3386 Intel® Celeron® M PCI-104 CPU Module Yes
PCM-3521 Flat Panel/CRT Display Module No
PCM-3525 VGA to TFT LCD Panel PC/104 Module No
PCM-3526 24bit TFT to VGA Module No
PCM-3530 LCD Panel Signal Converter Module No
PCM-3540R LVDS Module Receiver No
PCM-3540T LVDS Transmitter Module No
PCM-3601 PCM-3601 Data/Voice/Fax Modem Module No
PCM-3610 Isolated RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 Module Yes
PCM-3612 Dual port RS-422/485 Communication Module No
PCM-3620 USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394a PC/104+ Module No
PCM-3621 4 SATA PC/104-Plus Module Yes
PCM-3640 4-port RS-232 Module Yes
PCM-3643 High Speed 8-port RS-232 Module No
PCM-3644 RS-232/422/485 COM Port Module Yes
PCM-3660 Jumperless Ethernet Module Yes
PCM-3663 PC/104-Plus Dual Ethernet Module No
PCM-3664 Jumperless 10Base-T Ethernet Module No
PCM-3665 Dual GbE Module Yes
PCM-3680 Dual-port Isolated CAN interface Module No
PCM-3712 2-ch Analog Output Module Yes
PCM-3712 2-channel Analog Output Module Yes
PCM-3810A Solid State Disk Module No
PCM-3835 IDE Flash Disk Module No
PCM-3836 IDE Flash Disk Module/CompactFlash® Card No
PCM-3840 DiskOnChip?/font> 2000 Flash Disk Module No
PCM-3910 DC to DC Power Supply PC/104-plus Module Yes
PCM-4153 AMD LX800 PC/104-Plus Module, w/ Onboard Memory/Flash and Wide Temperature Range Yes
PCM-9386 Intel® Celeron® M 3.5" SBC with MIO/VGA/LCD/LVDS/LAN/USB 2.0 and SSD No
PCM-9578 Socket 370 SBC with 4 LAN, VGA, 2 COMs No
PCM-9579 ULV Intel® Celeron®, LV Intel® Pentium® III SBC with CPU, Audio, VGA/LCD and LAN No
PCM-9581 Onboard Intel® Pentium® M SBC with Audio, VGA/LCD No
PCM-9582 Onboard Intel® Pentium® M EBX SBC with Audio, VGA/LCD, SATA No


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