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Broadband Gateway

EH-2100 Introduction

The EH-2100 serves as a communication manager in your small office and home, providing easy maintenance and enhancing network security. It bridges outside WAN to your office/home network, LAN, allowing your wired and wireless network to share the broadband transmission through the ADSL/Cable modem. Its print server allows users to share one single printer on LAN. The EH-2100 functions as a printer server, DHCP server, firewall, router, switch, hub. Moreover, the EH-2100 provides quick and easy setup, without re-configuring PC applications. Operation is automatic with minimum administration required.

Design Features
  • 4-port 10/100BaseT switching Hub
  • Share 1 IP Address and ADSL/Cable modem
  • Printer sharing
  • PPPoE, PPTP, IPSec support
  • Firewall protection for your LAN
  • For Windows, Mac, and Unix
  • Simple to configure and manage
  • Automatic operation

  • Internet Features
  • Virtual Servers
  • Allow Internet users to access Web,FTP,E-Mail and other Servers on your LAN
  • "DMZ"and Special Internet Applications
  • Allow you to use special-purpose servers, two-way communication, and other non-standard Internet applications, such as ICQ, Netmeeting, Quake II, Diablo, Quick time, Real player, and etc.
  • Dia-on-demand
  • Ensure on-lines are kept to a miminum.
  • Access Control
  • The LAN administrator can limit the Internet access for individual workstations.
  • PPPoE Support
    PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) allows users to get services from broadband ISP’s, whether Cable or ADSL based.

    LAN Featuers
  • DHCP Server
  • Automatically assigns networking IP addresses to your LAN devices and PCs, simplifying network administration.
  • Routing Table
  • The static Routing table provides support for complex multi-segment networks.
  • LAN Printing Sharing
    Allows users on the LAN share the printer attached to the EH-2100. What users need to do is only to install and configure the supplied Windows software or just use LPD printing.

    Advanced Features
  • Web-Based Management
  • Provides OS-independent configuration and management from any computer running a standard Web browser.
  • User Monitor & Intruder Log
    User Monitor indicates who is using the device, either from LAN, from WLAN or from remote site. Intruder Log records who intruded the device.
  • VPN Support
    VPN (Virtual Private Networks) using PPTP (Point-to-point Tunneling Protocol) are supported.
  • LAN to LAN Connectivity

  • The EH-2100 can be used to connect 2 LANs, instead of Internet Access.

    EH-2100 Features

    • Built-in 4-port Switch Hub
    • Shares IP Address and ADSL/Cable modem
    • Supports UPnP,DDNS,PPPoE,PPTP, and IPSec
    • Firewall protection for your network
    • Printer Sharing

    EH-2100 Specification

    General Specification
    • LAN Switch Port: 4x10/100 Base-T auto sensing (RJ45), 1 x uplink port
    • LED: 11: 4xLink/Act LAN, 4x100Mbps LAN, 1xWAN Link, 1xLAN/Status, 1xWAN Data
    • Printing Protocol: Proprietary peer-to-peer protocol working in Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000, LPD printing protocol
    • Protocol: NAT,UPnP,PPPoE,HTTP,DHCP Client/Server, TCP/IP
    • Security: Natural firewall, Local Password, PPTP for VPN, IPSec Pass-thru for VPN, Access Control
    • Management: Web-based management
    • WAN Port: 1 x 10 Base-T (RJ45)
    • Power: DC 12V/800~1000mA
    Environment Specification
    • Certification: CE, VCCI, C-Tick, FCC Class B
    Mechanical Specification
    • Dimension: 204mm(L)x127mm(W)x 29mm(H)

    EH-2100 Ordering Information

    • EH-2100-00 : Broadband Gateway w/4-port switch, print server, US

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