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ISA bus 486 Mini Biscuit PC with LAN/16 MB RAM

CPC-2245N Introduction

Advantech's new mini biscuit PC, the CPC-2245, is truly an all-in one 486 processor-based single board computer. It comes equipped with 32 MB DRAM on board, an SVGA interface which supports CRT monitors with up to 4 MB display memory, a 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface, and a CompactFlash solid state disk socket. In addition, it is equipped with two RS-232 serial ports, one bidirectional printer port which supports SPP, ECP and EPP modes, an IDE HDD interface, a floppy disk controller, as well as one ISA interface for functional expansion. With its industrial grade reliability, the CPC-2245 can operate continuously at temperatures up to 60?C (140?F). This compact unit offers all these functions within the space of a 2.5" hard disk drive (68 x 100 mm). All these numerous features provide an ideal price/performance solution for commercial and industrial applications where stability and reliability are essential.

The CPC-2245 mini biscuit PC's power can be supplied through a SODIMM socket or an on-board power connector. Thus, the CPC-2245 can be embedded into the user's system board, or used as a single board application. The ISA bus, HDD, FDD and parallel interface are connected to the user's system board via a SODIMM socket. This form factor has the benefits of easy maintenance. A damaged card can be replaced within 30 seconds. Furthermore, the mini biscuit PC is easily upgraded from 486 to Pentium?/font> without the need to change the users system board.

The CPC-2245 provides many useful functions in a tiny card. It reserves a small PCI connector for other extension modules, such as the CPC-2520 VGA/LCD module. It provides more flexible functions to satisfy all users' different application requirements.

The CPC-2245 is small-sized, highly integrated, easy to maintain, easy to upgrade, and easy to install. These features make it ideal for applications such as small industrial controllers, panel PCs, security systems, Internet gateways, instruments, medical equipment, building automation, and so on.

CPC-2245N Features

  • 486 DX-66 CPU
  • 16/32 MB EDO RAM on board
  • One CompactFlash TM Socket
  • 10/100 Mbps Ehternet
  • 1 EIDE, 2 RS-232, 1 LPT, 1 FDD

CPC-2245N Specification

Standard SBC Functions
  • Extending bus I/F:
    -144-pin SODIMM: Provides ISA bus, Printer, FDD, HDD, +5V
    -FPC Connector: Ethernet, VGA, COM1, COM2, Mouse, KKeyboard
  • CPU: STPC Client 66 MHz
  • 2nd level cache: 8 KB
  • RAM: 16 MB EDO RAM on board
  • Solid state disk: Support one CompactFlash card as an emulated HDD
  • I/O bus expansion: 16-bits AT-bus
  • IDE interface: Support up to two hard disk drives. BIOS auto-detect
  • FDD interface/Multi-mode parallel port: FDD interface and parallel port share the same connector, either FDD or Parallel port can be switched in BIOS setup
  • FDD interface: supports up to two floppy disk drives, 5.25" (360 KB and 1.2 MB) and /or 3.5" (720 KB, 1.44 MB and 2.88 MB)
  • Parallel port: supports SPP, ECP and EPP
  • Serial ports: Two RS232 Serial ports
  • Keyboard/mouse connector: supports standard PC/AT keyboard and PS/2 mouse
Ethernet Interface
  • Controller: RTL-8139, 10 Mbps/100 Mbps
  • Ethernet interface: Software compatible with NE1000 and NE2000
  • Display memory: 4 MB shared memory architecture (UMA structure)
  • Display resolution: 1280 x 1024 @ 64 K colors, 1024 x 768 @ 16 M colors
  • DRAM: Automatically disable internal VGA if an external add-in VGA is plugged in the system
Mechanical and Environmental
  • Connectors: 4 pins power connector
  • Power supply voltage: +5 V (4.75 V to 5.25 V)
  • Power requirements: +5 V @ 1.6 A
  • Operating temperature: 32 to 140?F (0 to 60?C)
  • Dimensions: 68 mm x 100 mm

CPC-2245N Ordering Information

  • CPC-2245-3200 : 486 Card PC with LAN
  • CPC-2520-0000 : VGA/LCD module for Card PC
  • CPC-2400 : Card PC development kit
  • CPC-2420 : 2.5" size carrier board (under development)

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