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HMI Software for ADAM I/O Products

PCLS-ADAMVIEW32 Introduction

ADVANTECH noticed that many users apply the ADAM Data Acquisition modules in small base projects. Because the cost ran higher than system hardware, Human Machine Interface software were never suitable for these projects. ADAMView, the ADAM Data Acquisition software, is especially designed for low-volume ADAM projects. It provides a 150 physical points database, ADAM Drivers, for all monitoring and control functions. In brief, ADAMView is a cost-effective and simple SCADA software for the ADAM I/O series.


  • Complete software package
  • Graphic panel configuration
  • Modularized and prioritized task design
  • BasicScript scripting language to customize your applications
  • Easy connection with ADAM I/O series

Complete Software Package

ADAMView takes advantage of Microsoft’s Windows graphical interface, offering fast and intuitive configuration for human-machine interface and data acquisition applications. This application software combines easy-to-use graphical development and the flexibility of BasicScript, a powerful programming tool. With ADAMView, you can easily design both simple and complex applications, such as factory processes and utility monitoring, Lab testing, or environmental monitoring.

Graphical Panel Configuration

ADAMView provides a wide variety of graphical wizards, allowing users to quickly create an intuitive operator interface. Built-in display objects include bar graph, button, indicator, real time/historical trending, knob, gauge, slider, imported bitmap, numeric display and control.

Modularized and Prioritized Task Design

ADAMView development environment allows you to decompose your system into several smaller modules or tasks. The modular design is very useful to develop, and facilitate large and complicated system maintenance. Each module or task has its own properties, such as scan rate, start/stop method, and priority etc. With 32-bit Windows’ multi-tasking capability, all tasks run simultaneously. Moreover, ADAMView software allows you to prioritize your tasks to increase overall performance.

BasicScript Scripting Language to Customize Your Applications

ADAMView is easy to use. It fully integrates BasicScript language in its kernel to meet your specific needs. Over 600 commands are available to perform almost any function you can imagine, including calculations, reading and writing files, DDE, and ODBC. It allows you to access and share data with other applications, such as Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel. With BasicScript scripting language, you can reuse existing code and build your applications faster and easier.

Easy Connection with ADAM I/O Series

Once you install ADAMView software, you can immediately connect with ADAM- 4000/5000 I/O as a complete Data Acquisition System. Current ADAM users can apply direct driver to access all ADAM-4000 modules and ADAM-5000/485 I/O system.

PCLS-ADAMVIEW32 Specification

  • System Requirements
    • CPU: Intel® Pentium® 200 MHz or higher
    • RAM: 64 MB Minimum
    • Disk Space: 20 MB Minimum
    • Display: VGA Resolution or Higher
    • Microsoft Compatible Mouse
    • OS: Microsoft® Windows® 98, Windows NT 4.0 SP4 or above, Windows 2000, Window XP
  • Supported Hardware: ADAM-4000/5000 Series Modules: Link through DLL Driver (Device Manager)

PCLS-ADAMVIEW32 Ordering Information

  • PCLS-ADAMVIEW32 (ADAMView Data Acquisition Software)

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