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6U CompactPCI® Intel® Pentium® M Processor-based Board with VGA/Dual PCI GbE/PMC (PICMG 2.16)

MIC-3369C Introduction

The MIC-3369C is a highly integrated and cost effective CompactPCI single board computer based on the Intel Pentium M processor. It is an ideal application blade for integration into products where performance and low power consumption are key requirements. The Intel E7501 chipset delivers 4.3 GB/s bandwidth across a 400/533 MHz front side bus. The Pentium M processor has 32 KB of level 1 cache, 1 MB/2 MB of level 2 advanced transfer cache and up to 4.3 GB/s of bandwidth across dual data rate memory channels. The MIC- 3369C supports up to 2 GB of ECC DDR 266 onboard memory.
The MIC-3369C uses Intel’s I/O controller hub technology to provide 64-bit data buses. The onboard dual Gigabit Ethernet controller is connected via a 64-bit / 133 MHz PCI-X bus for maximum sustained packet throughput. A full array of industry standard I/O features, onboard 2.5” hard disk drive bay and a 64-bit/66 MHz PMC site enables the MIC-3369C to meet the most flexible and demanding I/O processing needs. The MIC-3369C can be used in either a system slot or peripheral slot, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring PICMG 2.16 CompactPCI Packet Switching Backplane support for Gigabit switched-fabric interconnection between blades. The MIC-3369C is perfect for mission critical telecom and data communication applications such as 3G wireless infrastructure, Voice-over-IP, media gateways, soft switches and triple-play server clusters.

MIC-3369C Features

Supports Intel® Pentium® M 760 processor (2.0 GHz, 2 MB L2 cache)
Supports 400/533 MHz FSB
Supports dual Gigabit LAN ports on the rear
Up to 2 GB (DDR 200/266 MHz) onboard memory with ECC
PICMG 2.16 R1.0 CompactPCI Packet Switching Backplane Specification compliant
PICMG 2.1 R2.0 CompactPCI Hot Swap Specification compliant
Onboard 2.5" HDD bay, PMC connector and CompactFlash socket

MIC-3369C Ordering Information

MIC-3369C-M0E - 6U CPCI Pentium-M CPU Board (512MB on board)
MIC-3369C-M1E 6U CPCI Pentium-M CPU Board (1G on board)

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