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Socket 370 Pentium® III/Celeron® Processor Card with VGA/FE LAN/ SCSI

PCA-6178-C Introduction

The PCA-6178-C full-sized single board computer supports new Socket 370 Pentium® III CPU and deploys Intel's 440BX chipset and up to 768 MB SDRAM in three DIMM sockets. The Socket 370 Pentium® III CPU supports advanced transfer cache (ATC). Features of the ATC include full speed, 256KB on-die L2 cache and 8-way set associatively. The PCA-6178-C then provides the optimum performance for your system throughput.

PCA-6178-C Features

  • Socket 370 Pentium® III/Celeron® up to 1.0 GHz/1.1 GHz
  • Intel® 440BX chipset 66/100 FSB
  • Onboard high performance AGP 2X VGA with 8 MB SDRAM
  • Supports 10/100Base-T Ethernet
  • CMOS automatic backup and restore to prevent accidental data loss of BIOS setup data

PCA-6178-C Ordering Information

  • PCA-6178L-00C1E (PIII FSBC with HISA (RoHS))
  • PCA-6178V-00C1E (PIII FSBC with VGA/HISA (RoHS))
  • PCA-6178VE-00C1E (PIII FSBC with VGA/LAN/HISA (RoHS))
  • 1700100170 (A Cable 2*5P-2.54/USB-A(F)*2 17.5cm W/BKT F/5)

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