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Intel Pentium III or Celeron (FC-PGA2) processor based PICMG SBC with VGA and Fast Ethernet

ROBO-679 Features

* Reliable design for high speed FC-PGA2 Intel Pentium III or Celeron precessor
* Intel 815E chipset, backed by Intel EID's long product life support.
* PC100/133MHZ SDRAM for cost effective memory support.
* 4MB external display memory enale optimum system memory utilization for maximum 2D/3D graphics performance through Direct AGP
* On-board Intel 10Base-TX Fast Ethernet for high speed data transfers.
* Standard features for embedded system, like H/W monitoring, WDT, SSD and Wake-On-Lan.
* Proprietary PCI connector for expansion (optional daughter board provided, such as Ultra 160 SCSI or Fast Ethernet)
* One DOC socket for booting Windows NT directly.

ROBO-679 Specification

* CPU : Socket 370 Celeron or Pentium III Tualatin with 66/100/133MHz FSB
* CHIPSET : Intel 815E based PICMG SBC with Ethernet/VGA and optional SCSI 160 or Fast Ethernet (2nd) module through proprietary connector (PCI bus)
* MEMORY : Support maximum PC100/133 SDRAM memory up to 512MB
* VGA : Integrated 3D graphic controller (DVMT, 4Mbyte display Cache)
* EXPANSION : Support two Ultra DMA/33/66/100 IDE
Compliant with PCI Bus spec V2.1
* FEATURE : Full-size all-in-one SBC with PICMG 1.0 Rev 2.0 compliant Proprietary PCI connector for expansion (optional daughter board provided, such as Ultra 160 SCSI or fast Ethernet)
Reserve space around socket 370 for easy installation of higher speed processor
Fully support ATX function with WOL, Modem-Ring On, K/B & Mouse wake-up
ISA64 driving capability

ROBO-679 Ordering Information

* ROBO-679 Highly integrated single board computer with VGA, fast Ethernet, based on the Intel® Pentium®III or Celeron® processor

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