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12U CompactPCI® Enclosure with 21-slot 6U Backplane and Redundant Power Supply (CT Bus and Rear I/O)

MIC-3082A Introduction

The MIC-3082A 12U general purpose, multi-segment, packet switched CompactPCI enclosure is an extremely flexible, high-availability platform, configurable for both compute-intensive and I/O-intensive applications. It is one of several telecom building blocks from Intel, built on the PICMG 2.16 specification, providing OEM equipment designers with carrier-grade, standards-based solutions. This high-capacity CompactPCI platform features innovative power and cooling. In addition to its high availability features, the MIC-3082A platform is highly modular, scalable, and extremely serviceable. It is designed to operate with Advantech’s high-performance CPU boards and packet switched backplane products, and with third-party boards meeting PICMG 2.16 specifications.

MIC-3082A Features

 12U-high enclosure for 6U CompactPCI® boards
 20-slot 6U CompactPCI backplane-18 node slots/2 fabric slots
 Front-accessible server blades, power and fan modules
 Multiple backplane configuration available for various applications (1/2/4 segments)
 Supports packet switching backplane specification (PICMG® 2.16)
 Supports computer telephony specification (PICMG® 2.5)
 1960 W + 280 W, 7+1 hot-swappable load-sharing AC/DC power supplies
 Six hot-swappable fans and blower
 Built-in intelligent chassis management module, optional backplane combination (MIC-3924B-A)
 Design for NEBS level 3 and ETSI installations, independent alarm and management module
 Single serial port for emergency dial-out via modem

MIC-3082A Ordering Information

MIC-3082A-AD 1960 W + 280 W (7+1 4AC + 4DC)
AC: 1757984010
DC: 1757984011
MIC-3082A-AA 1960 W + 280 W (7+1)
AC: 1757984010
AC: 1757984010

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