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6U CompactPCI® Low Power Pentium® III Processor Board with VGA/Dual LAN/PMC/Embedded HDD

MIC-3368 Introduction

The MIC-3368 series CompactPCI low power CPU board is an ultra-high density design built with a high performance Intel Pentium III processor, low power with 700 MHz speed and upgradeable SO-DIMM, expanding up to 1 GB as well as an integrated 2.5" HDD on board. In consideration with I/O expansion, it comes with one built-in standard PMC site for various applications.
With fully integrated features, the MIC-3368 acts as a powerful master system CPU board, as well as a cPCI server blade with PICMG 2.16 compliance, which allows interoperations with third-party products.
The MIC-3368 was particularly designed with high availability features like low power dissipation, on board CPU, passive cooling, dual LANs, and IPMI controller. It acts as a master operation for mission critical and computing intensive applications, such as third-generation (3G) wireless, voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), networking, image processing and other demanding telecom/data communication applications which need a clustered multiprocessing solution to increase over-all system performance.

MIC-3368 Ordering Information

6U CompactPCI Low PowerPIII SBC for PICMG 2.16

6U CompactPCI Low PowerPIII SBC for 2.16 w/PCI

1-slot 6U CompactPCI Pentium III 700 MHz (on-board CPU) Card (Intel BX), with Dual PMC/VGA/Dual LAN

1-slot 6U CompactPCI Pentium III 700 MHz (on-board CPU) Card (Intel GX), with Dual PMC/VGA/Dual LAN

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