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9-slot 14.1" TFT LCD Portable Workstation

PWS-1409/1419 Introduction

The PWS-1419 complies with stringent military and industrial standards. Built with an all aluminum enclosure with hard anodized surface, the PWS-1419T/TP has been thoroughly tested and certified to withstand the most demanding environments. The PWS-1419 is dustproof, moisture resistant, shock/drop proof, and heat/cold resistant. Built-in sound and standard PC I/O ports are provided along with a 14.1" TFT LCD with 1025 x 768 resolution. storage 50 G, 11 ms (for PWS-1419 only)

PWS-1409/1419 Ordering Information

PWS-1409TP w/ PCA-6180E

Portable W.S, 14.1", 9ISA slot, ABS case

PWS-1409T w/resis. T/S

Portable W.S, 14.1", 4ISA, 4 PCI, Al case

Portable W.S, 14.1", 4ISA, 4 PCI, ABS case

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