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King Cobra
3 PCI 'Superbrick' for industrial PC appliance applications

King Cobra Introduction

The ITOX King Cobra is a rugged industrial PC which is perfect for stand-alone PC applications such as a compact PBX, voice messaging system, or stand-alone NAS appliance.

Among the King Cobra's key features are its ability to hold three full-length PCI expansion boards with hold-down bars and,depending upon the PCI configuration, as many as five drives (four IDE and one floppy).

Portwell offers the King Cobra as a barebones platform (case, power supply, and motherboard) or a full system (with CPU, memory, drives and operating system).

King Cobra Features

  • Steel industrial case. The King Cobra case is all-steel in order to provide the physical durability needed for industrial applications. The case is compact, 6" high, 7" wide, and 22" long (155x178x559 mm).
  • Powerful motherboard. The CS15 motherboard supports Intel Pentium III and Celeron motherboards with front side bus speeds to 133 MHz, memory to 512 MB, either one or three Ethernet controllers, and on-board video.
  • Five drive bays. The King Cobra offers one 5.25" bays with external access and four internal 3.5" bays. If a King Cobra is configured with three full-length PCI expansion boards, it will support one 5.25" and two 3.5" drives. If three half-length PCI boards are installed, the King Cobra can support four IDE drives and one floppy drive.
  • 250 watt power supply. The King Cobra's ample 250 watt power supply includes Power Factor Correction, a requirement for CE certification which is a requirement for export to Europe. Dual redundant power supplies are an option.
  • Watchdog timer. The CS15's configurable watchdog timer is valuable when dependable operation is mission critical. The watchdog timer resets the system and restarts software if the system locks up.

  • Feature-rich. The King Cobra is designed for quick setup and configuration. It's 5.25" bay is suitable for a CD or FDD for software installation. The unit includes keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) ports, two USB ports, and two DB-9 serial port.
  • Reliability. The system offers excellent MTBF ratings and FCC/UL/CE environmental and regulatory certifications. The King Cobra is backed by ITOX's 2-Year Limited Product Warranty.
  • Compatibility. The King Cobra runs Microsoft, Linux, and all standard x86 operating systems.
  • Extended life cycle. The King Cobra's CS15 motherboard is revision controlled by ITOX for long term availability. Users benefit by avoiding costly computer design changes and system re-certifications.

King Cobra Specification

6.0" (153 mm) high x 7.0" (178 mm) wide x 22.0" (589 mm) deep
Weight: 13.7 lbs; with packaging, 20 lbs

Type of metal: Precoated Phosphate 1mm steel
Finish: Textured paint, black
Shelf top or wall mount (contact ITOX for wall mount availability)

One 5.25" drive bay (externally accessible)
Four 3.5" drive bays (internal)
Maximum of four IDE devices.
One floppy device.

Three full-length PCI expansion slots with hold-down bars

Power on/off switch
Reset switch

Power and hard drive activity LED lamps.
LAN power and activity lamps

250 watt
Output (ATX format connectors)
+ 5V 23.5A (max) - 5V 0.5A (max)
+ 12V 9.5A (max) -12V 0.5A (max)
+ 3.3V 15A (max) +5VSB 1.5A (max)
117W total (max) for +5V and +3.3V
114W (max) for +12V
Input: 115/230 VAC, switch selectable, 50 to 60 Hz
Fuse and fan
Power Factor Correction

One 80 mm and two 40 mm fans
CPU heatsink and fan
Monitor and alarm for CPU temperature and fan operation

King Cobra
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