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Dragon Raid
1U Storage platform with five hot-swap SCSI bays

Dragon Raid Introduction

The Dragon RAID 1U Storage Platform provides five externally accessible, hot-swap bays and metal drive carriers for SCSI drives. We offer the Dragon RAID as a case only platform (case, drive carriers, power supply) or a full system (including drives). A complete RAID system requires a RAID controller card, which resides in a host PC and a data cable from the host system to the Dragon RAID.

Dragon Raid Features

  • Rugged all-steel chassis. The quality-built steel case is industry-standard 1.75" high, 19" wide, and 20.9" (530mm) deep.
  • Advanced system cooling. Two 75mm blowers produce more than 26 CFM air-flow for effective cooling. Because of its advanced cooling the Dragon RAID may be operated in an ambient temperature of 45 degrees Celsius. Heat is dissipated quickly, components run cooler and the entire system lasts longer.
  • External access for all drives. Three drive bays are externally accessible from one end of the chassis and two from the other. The metal drive carriers provide for hot-swap drive removal and replacement.
  • Chassis rails. Slide rails are included.
  • 250 watt power supply. Plenty of capacity for a full 5-drive system.

Dragon Raid Specification

1.73" High (44 mm) x 16.89" Wide (429 mm) x 20.87" Deep (530 mm)
Weight (not including disk drives): 17.9 lbs; with packaging, 24.4 lbs)

Type of metal: Precoated phosphate 1mm steel
Finish: Textured paint, black

Five 3.5" drive bays, all hot-swap and externally accessible
Steel carriers with 80-pin SCA (Single Connector Attachment) connectors

Power on/off switch

Ten LEDs: Power and activity for each of the five drive bays

250 watt
Output (ATX format connectors)
5V 25A (max) - 5V 0.5A (max)
12V 12A (max) -12V 1.0A (max)
3.3V 14A (max) +5VSB 1.5A (max)
Input: 100/240v VAC, autoselecting, 50 to 60 Hz
Fuse: 6.3A. 250V
Power Factor Correction

Dragon Raid
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