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The Most Cost-Effective 19" 4U Rack-mount PC Chassis

RPC-500N/L Introduction

RPC-500N is the most cost-effective 19" 4U rack-mount chassis designed for various kinds of servers, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and telecommunication applications.

The rugged, sturdy, full-sealed and well-cooled steel chassis is specially designed to withstand heavy shocks, dust, humidity, trembling vibration and extremely high operating temperature in the harsh environment.

RPC-500L is extended to 51.5cm (20.2") for the newest ATX server M/B, especially for dual PentiumŪ II (440BX) processor based M/B. With such a compact size, RPC-500L can be installed into a 60cm (23.6") rack-mount cabinet. These useful enhancements to meet the newest technology make RPC-500N/500L the best choice to integrate your rack-mount systems.

RPC-500N/L Features

  • The Most Cost-effective 19" 4U Rack-mount PC Chassis
  • Three 5.25" and two 3.5" drive bays for RAID 0, 1, 5 & CD-ROM
  • Dual ball-bearing cooling fans for better ventilation
  • Traditional rack-mount handles
  • Dual card retainer positions and one K/B connector cap included
  • One modularized function panel for single & dual systems
  • ATX M/B applicable, especially for big-AT size M/B
  • PS/2 redundant power supply installable

RPC-500N/L Specification

Heavy-duty steel with aluminum front panel

Air Filter
One replaceable filter

Cooling Fan
One 12cm (86.5cfm) and one 8cm (35.3cfm) ball-bearing cooling fans

Disk Drive Housing
External: 5.25"x2 + 3.5" FDDx1
Internal: 3.5" HDDx1

Card Retainer
Two locations for one card retainer

One for reset, one for power On/Off and one for K/B lock

Keyboard Connector
Standard 6-pin PS/2 K/B connectors at the front and the rear panel

Keyboard Connector Cap
One cap at the front panel

Standard Color
Beige, black

RPC-500N: 482(W) x 450(D) x 177(H) mm 19"(W) x 17.7"(D) x 7"(H))

RPC-500L: 482(W) x 515(D) x 177(H) mm 19"(W) x 20.3"(D) x 10.5"(H)

Net: 15.5Kg.(34.4 lb)
r Gross: 17.5Kg.(38.9 lb)

RPC-500L: Net: 15.5Kg.(34.4 lb) Gross: 17.5Kg.(38.9 lb)

14-Slot ISA backplane
14-Slot PICMG 12xPCI active backplane
14-Slot PICMG 7xPCI active backplane
14-Slot PICMG 4xPCI backplane
13-Slot PICMG dual-system backplane

RPC-500N/L Ordering Information


"19" 4U rack-mount chassis with 14-slot ISA backplane and 330W auto-range AT PSU"
"19" 4U rack-mount chassis with 14-slot PICMG BP and 330W auto-range AT PSU"
"19" 5U rack-mount chassis with 14-slot 7xPCI PICMG BP and 450W Auto-range ATX power supply"
"19" 4U rack-mount chassis with 14-slot 7-PCI PICMG BACKPLANE and 330W auto-range AT PSU"

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