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PCA-6752F Introduction

Well-Rounded Functionality
Advantech continues to expand its product line by integrating new technology into our products and by offering customers multiple combinations of features in a single product. The new PCA-6752 is a perfect example of this. Packed with innovation, the PCA-6752 provides reasonably priced all-in-one functionality and high performance operation. Several models of the PCA-6752 are offered as well as the associated chassis, power supply and backplane to give customers a "best fit" solution for their particular application.

Super7™ adds to Impressive list of features
Leading the list of features is the VIA MVP4 chipset for Super7 provided on the PCA-6752 models. The PCA-6752F is comprised of a VIA VT82C686 (Super South Bridge) with a Trident CyberBlade i7 (North Bridge). The PCA-6752N is comprised of a VT82C686 (Super South Bridge) with a VT82C501 (North Bridge). This chipset provides an integrated 2D/3D AGP graphics engine with DVD hardware acceleration, Super I/O, advanced sound and hardware monitoring features. This integration is a cost effective way to increase the number of features offered. All PCA-6752 models support Super7 for Intel P54/P55C, AMD K5/K6/K6-2/K6-3, NS MI/MII and IDT Winchip CPUs. With a 100 MHz bus and AGP support, the Super7 platform offers great performance at a reduced cost compared to Slot 1 solutions. The AGP interface is a dedicated port between the PC's graphics controller and system memory and gives a more robust scalable solution that provides superior video performance without taxing overall system stability and performance. There is a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface as well as SIR IrDA compliant infrared support. Ultra DMA 66 mode up to 66 MB/sec is also supported. This high-speed interface helps designers and integrators improve system performance by retrieving and sending data faster.

PCA-6752F Features

  • Supports Super7™ for Intel P54/P55C, AMD K5/K6/K6-2/K6-3, NS MI/MII and IDT Winchip CPUs
  • Core logic integrated 2 x AGP compliant graphics feature
  • 66/100 MHz Front Side Bus
  • Hardware-assisted MPEG-2 for DVD
  • Supports full DVD 1.0, VCD 2.0 and CD karaoke
  • Supports wake-up on LAN, Modem
  • Supports LCD backlight turn off function

PCA-6752F Specification

Standard SBC Functions
  • CPU: Socket 7 Intel P54C/P55C, AMD K5/K6/K6-2/K6-3, NS MI/MII and IDT Winchip, supports 66/75/83/100 MHz FSB
  • BIOS: AWARD 256 KB Flash BIOS
  • Chipset: VIA VT82C686 + Trident CyberBlade
  • 2nd level cache: 512 KB/1 MB PBSRAM (66/100 MHz)
  • System Memory: SDRAM DIMM x 1 Max. 128 MB
  • IDE interface: One Enhanced IDE interface, Ultra DMA mode up to 66 MB/sec.
  • FDD interface: Supports up to two FDDs (360 KB/ 1.2 MB/720 KB/1.44 MB/2.88 MB)
  • Parallel port: One parallel port, supports EPP/ECP
  • Infared port: 115 Kbps SIR, IrDA 1.0 compliant
  • Serial ports: One RS-232, One RS-232/422/485
  • Watchdog timer: 62 level timer interval, generates system reset or IRQ11
  • Ethernet interface: 10/100 Mbps, on-board RJ45 connector
  • Power management: Supports Advanced Power Management 1.2
  • Keyboard/mouse connector: 6-pin Mini-Din header connector for keyboard and PS/2 mouse
SVGA/Flat Panel Interface
  • Controller: Trident™ CyberBlade i7 VGA/LCD controller, 2 x AGP, Accelerator Graphics port 1.0 compliant
  • Display memory: 2 ~ 8 MB
  • Display type: Simultaneously supports CRT and flat panel (EL, LCD and gas plasma) displays
  • Interface: 18 bit resolution
  • Display mode:
    LCD panel supports up to 1024 x 768 @ 24 bpp
    CRT display supports up to 1024 x 768 @ 18 bpp
Solid State Disk
  • Solid state disk: Supports DiskOnChip?000/CompactFlash TM (OEM)
Mechanical and Environmental
  • Power requirements:
    typical: 4.81 A @ +5 V w/ K6-2 / 400 MHz, 64 MB SDRAM,
    Max.: 8 A @ +5 V
  • Operating temperature: 0 ~ 60?C (32 ~ 140?F)
  • Dimensions: 185 mm x 122 mm (7.3 x 4.8")
  • Weight: 0.27 kg (0.594 lbs)

PCA-6752F Ordering Information

  • PCA-6752F-00A2 : Half-size Super7 CPU card with VGA/LCD/LAN and SSD
  • PCA-6752N-00A2 : Half-size Super7 CPU card with VGA/LAN and SSD
  • MBPC-641 : 4-slot IPC chassis w/ backplane & 65 W power supply
  • IPC-644-80 : 4-slot IPC chassis w/ backplane & 80 W power supply
  • IPC-6806S : 6-slot IPC chassis w/ backplane & 100 W power supply
  • PCA-6108 : 8 ISA slot passive backplane
  • PCA-6106 : 6 ISA slot passive backplane
  • PCA-6104 : 4 ISA slot passive backplane

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