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486 SBC with Processor, VGA/LCD and Ethernet

PCM-4823 Introduction

The Biscuit PC family from Advantech is the ultimate cost-effective solution for limited space applications. These small all-in-one computers are the same size as a 3.5" hard disk drive and perform all the functions of an industrial computer and more!

All-in-one with VGA/LCD and Ethernet
The PCM-4823 and PCM-4823L Biscuit PCs are ultra-compact single board computers that integrate a 16-bit Ethernet interface and 32-bit SVGA and LCD interfaces (PCM-4823 only) for a complete processing system. On-board features include a 5x86-133 embedded microprocessor, floppy disk controller, parallel port, an EDO DRAM SIMM socket, enhanced IDE, keyboard/mouse connector, and two standard serial ports. As energy efficient as it is space efficient, the PCM-4823/23L also supports power saving modes for I/O peripheral devices.

Maximum flexibility and compatibility
The PCM-4823 and PCM-4823L Biscuit PCs are built especially for limited space embedded applications. Based on PC/AT architecture, they are compatible with most off-the-shelf software. In addition, because of the availability of inexpensive PC platforms, using the PCM-4823 or PCM-4823L can significantly reduce development time and cost. Moreover, mechanical configuration and system expansions are simple with industry standard PC/104 carrier modules.

LCD support list
Extensive support for TFT LCD, DSTN LCD, Mono LCD and EL displays. For complete information on LCD compatibility, please request a free copy of the PCM-4823/L data sheet.

PCM-4823 Features

  • Compact size (145 mm x 102 mm). Fits in the space of a 3.5" HDD
  • ISA-bus expansion with on-board PC/104 connector
  • On-board 5x86-133 embedded microprocessor
  • Local bus SVGA/LCD display controller (LCD, EL and CRT displays) plus on-board DB-15 connector (PCM-4823 only)
  • Supports M-Systems' DiskOnChip?/font> 2000 Flash memory
  • On-board 10 Base-T Ethernet interface
  • Accepts up to 32 MB EDO DRAM
  • On-board mini-DIN PS/2 keyboard/ mouse connector
  • Built-in Enhanced IDE hard disk drive interface, floppy disk interface and parallel port
  • Two serial ports: one RS-232 and one RS-232/422/485; on-board DB-9 connector is designated as COM1
  • Green function CPU card with sleep mode and low power consumption
  • Single +5 V power supply
  • Flexible OEM/ODM design

PCM-4823 Specification

Standard SBC Functions
  • CPU: On-board 5x86-133 (DX5-133) processor
  • BIOS: AWARD 128 KB Flash memory
  • Chipset: VIA 82C496G
  • RAM: One 72-pin SIMM socket. Accepts up to 32 MB FPM or EDO DRAM
  • IDE interface: Supports up to two Enhanced IDE (VL-bus) devices. Features BIOS auto-detect and Mode 3 transfer
  • FDD interface: Supports up to 2 FDDs
  • Parallel port: One parallel port suppors SPP/EPP/ECP parallel mode
  • Serial ports: One RS-232, one RS-232/422/485 port
  • Infared port: Supports up to 115 Kbps transmitting rate
  • PC/104 expansion: 104-pin 16-bit PC/104 module connector
  • Keyboard/mouse connector: Mini-DIN connector for keyboard and PS/2 mouse
  • Power management: APM 1.1 compliant power management
  • Watchdog timer: Generate system reset, software enabled. Timer interval 1.5 sec.
VGA/Flat-Panel Interface
  • Chipset: C&T 65550
  • Display memory: 1 MB DRAM
  • Display type: Simultaneously supports CRT and flat panel (EL, LCD and gas plasma) display
  • Display resolution:
    - Non-interlaced CRT monitor resolution up to 1024 x 768 @ 16 bpp
    - Panel resolution: Supports up to 1024 x 768 @ 16 bpp TFT panel
Ethernet Interface
  • Chipset: Realtek RTL8019AS
  • Type: 10 Base-T Ethernet, Novell NE2000 compatible
  • Connectors: On-board RJ-45 connector
Solid State Disk
  • Solid state disk: Supports DiskOnChip?/font> 2000 for up to 144 MB Flash memory
Mechanical and Environmental
  • Dimensions: 145 mm x 102 mm
  • Weight: 0.17 kg (0.37 lbs)
  • Power supply voltage: +5 V (4.75 ~ 5.25 V)
  • Operating temperature: 0 ~ 60?C (32 ~ 140?F)

PCM-4823 Ordering Information

  • PCM-4823-00B1 : 486 SBC with Processor, VGA/LCD and Ethernet
  • PCM-4823L-00B1 : Same as PCM-4823-00B1, but without VGA/LCD interface
  • PCD-2000-080A/1600/2400/3200/4800/8000/0144/0288 : 8 ~ 288 MB DiskOnChip?/font> 2000 Flash disk
  • MBPC-200-0023 : MIcroBox 3.5" Biscuit PC chassis for PCM-4823
  • MBPC-200-0023L : MicroBox 3.5" Biscuit PC chassis for PCM-4823L
  • PS-50A : 50A AC power suuply for MBPC-200 chassis
  • PS-25D : 25W DC power supply for MBPC-200 chassis

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