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Pentium III /Celeron™ FIO Biscuit SBC for POS Applications

POS-7671 Introduction

The POS-7671 is a flexible I/O arrangement connectors and EBX form factor Intel Socket 370 based Pentium® III & Celeron TM processor control board designed for high-end multimedia POS applications as well as other field markets.

The POS-7671 is packed with special on-board features like 10/100 Mbps PCI Ethernet, AC97 3D stereo, 48-bit XGA TFT LCD panel support as well as SSD support for DOC2000. One PCI expansion interface is provided.

The POS-7671 uses a EBX form factor dimension and two 64-pin flexible I/O including Ethernet, Audio, USB, Digital I/O, serial and parallel ports to become a cableless SBC. It is 100% PC compatible and readily connectable to any existing PC hardware and software. Two USB connectors accommodate a wide array of POS peripherals. The POS-7671 includes one 168-pin Dimm for up to 256 MB total on-board memory.

The POS-7671’s industrial grade construction allows it to withstand continuous operation in a harsh environment where reliability is essential. Other on-board industrial features not found on conventional montherboards include a watchdog timer for dependability during unmanned operations. An on-board SSD socket can support DiskOnChip flash modules.

POS-7671 Features

  • Two 64-pin flexible I/O arrangement connectors including Ethernet, Audio, USB, DI/O, serial and paralell ports
  • All-in-one design simplifies system integration and increases system stability
  • Socket 370 for Pentium III processors that utilize 133/100 MHz front side bus speeds and Intel Celeron™ processors up to 500 MHz.
  • On-board POS features such as 4 x RS-232 and 2 x USB interfaces for controlling cash drawers or other external peripherals

POS-7671 Specification

Standard SBC Functions
  • USB interface: Two USB connectors with fuse protection. Complies with USB Spec. Rev. 1.0
  • Expansion: PCI bus (opitonal)
  • Digital I/O: 8 TTL digital in and out
  • Enhanced IDE: Supports up to four EIDE devices. BIOS auto-detect, PIO Mode 3 or Mode 4, UDMA/33 transfer, UDMA/66 transfer
  • Parallel port: Two parallel ports, supporting EPP/ECP parallel mode
  • Watchdog timer: Software enabled/disabled. 1 ~ 62 sec. selectable
  • Mouse connector: Mini-DIN PS/2 mouse connector, jumper selectable to keyboard
  • Power: ATX power connection (conforms to ATX power supply specification)
  • CPU: Socket 370 for Pentium III support (133/100 MHz FSB) and Intel Celeron.
  • System Memory: One 168-pin DIMM sockets, supports 32 MB to 256 MB, accepts 32/64/128/256 MB
  • FDD interface: Supports up to two FDDs
  • Serial ports: Four serial ports COM 1, 2, 3, 4: RS-232
  • Keyboard connector: Mini-DIN PS/2 keyboard connector and internal 5-pin header connector
  • BIOS: Award 256 KB Flash Bios supports Plug & Play, Ethernet boot ROM, boot from CD-ROM, boot from LS-120 ZIP Drive. Wake-on-Lan, modem and LCD back light turn-off also supported. Optional customer icon available.
  • Chipset: VIA 82C694X, VIA 82C686A
  • Second level cache: 256 KB on Pentium III processor, 128 KB on Celeron processor
SVGA/Flat Panel Interface
  • Chipset: SMI Lynx 721 4 MB on chip
  • Interface: 2x AGP interface, 128-bit engine
  • Display mode: Flat panel displays up to 800 x 600 @ 24 bpp, 1024 x 786 @ 24 bpp. CRT monitors up to 1024 x 768 @ 24 bpp, 1280 x 1024 @ 24 bpp
  • Dual display: www.advantech.com/epc Supports dual 24 bit TFT LCD or CRT and LCD under Windows 98/ Windows/NT/Windows 2000
Ethernet Interface
  • Chipset: Realtek RTL 8139C
  • Ethernet interface: PCI 10/100 Mbps Ethernet controller. IEEE 802.3 U protocol compatible. Includes software drivers and boot ROM (RJ-45 connection)
Audio Function
  • Chipset: VIA 82C686A
  • Audio controller: AC97 version 2.0 compliant interface, Sound Blaster Pro compatible
  • Sound quality: Full-duplex
  • Audio interface: Mic-in, Line-in, CD audio-in, Speaker L and Speaker R
Solid State Disk
  • One 32-pin socket supports DiskOnChip
Mechanical and Environmental
  • Dimensions (L x W): EBX form factor, 203 x 146 mm (8" x 5.75")
  • Power supply voltage: +5 V 5%
  • Power requirements: Max 4.5 A @ +5 V, typical 3.8 A @ 5 V, (with 64 MB DRAM, Pentium III 500 MHz CPU) 3.2 A @ 5 V (with 64 MB DRAM, Celeron 400 MHz CPU)
  • Operating temperature: 0 ~ 60 C
  • Weight: 0.85 kg (weight of total package)

POS-7671 Ordering Information

  • POS-7671 - 00A1 : Socket 370 SBC for POS Applications

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