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WEB-2040 with LAN/VGA: Web Base Controller

WEB-2040 Introduction

The WEB-2040 is the simplest and cost-effective, yet intelligent solution for networking management that offers the ease of implementation and flexibility to secure and diversify your Networking infrastructure with multiple functions. The WEB-2040 consists of a card PC module equipped with CPU, VGA output, LAN, communication and input device; and the module’s carrier board with 2 x RS/232, 1x RS/232/485, 1x 10/100 BaseT Ethernet interface and Digital I/O port. It can be either wall or din-rail mounted for increased installation flexibility. In addition to the hardware parts, the WEB-2040 provides completed tools including the Windows?CE based Web Server platform, C-Script Engine and the Advantech proprietary utility to enable you configure and manage your networking infrastructure either just cross buildings or even world wild. It can be deployed as a controller for Industrial Automation, e-Server for VPN, Smart Router and Remote Management.

Easy to Expand
The WEB-2040 can be expanded with unlimited pieces of 2.5” hard disks, which can be slid into the upper deck inside of the chassis with expanding side plates and holding deck, to run the Linux based OS or more sophisticated software applications.

Easy to Install
The WEB-2040 can be either wall mounted or din-rail mounted for installation flexibility.

Easy to link lagacy divices to Internet
The WEB-2040 provides a simple,cost-effective and yet intelligent solution for the thousands of legacy devices which connot connect to the networking environment with the advantages of data accessibility and remote management through the serial ports of RS-232/RS-485 and Ethernet port equipped with the WEB-2040.

Transparent to existing networking facilities
The WEB-2040 can be installed at any location of the TCP/IP networking infrastructure and link the facilities transparently.

Global Internet Access
The WEB-2040 enables your networking system to manage DAM (Data Acquisition Modules), PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) intelligently and access remote control easily all through an Internet Browser. It can provide field applications with constantly acquired data by Remote Utility or develop customized homepage updated with the controller’s data simultaneously. That means you are able to get your controller’s status anytime anywhere in the world through Internet browser.


Web Enabler for Industrial Automation
e-Server for VPN
Home Web Appliance
Smart Router
Web Controller
Remote boot-up & Management System

Software Partner:
DigiRose Technology Co., Ltd. http://www.digirose.com

Software Alliances are welcome, please contact:
[email protected]
Tel:+886-2-2692 6076 ext.867
Fax:+886-2-2695 3070

WEB-2040 Features

  • 1 x 100 BaseT Etherenet Port
  • 6 x DI/6 High Drive DO
  • 2 x RS-232/1 X RS-485 Ports
  • 2 x CompactFlash TM Socket
  • Flexible Architecture of Carrier Board meets various demands from customers and shortens the time to market
  • Expandability for accomodating additional 2.5" hard disk

WEB-2040 Specification

General Specifications
  • CPU: 486/66 MHz
  • Memory: 32 MB EDO RAM on board
  • VGA single output port: DB-15 VGA Connector
  • VGA memory: 4 MB share memory
  • VGA Resolution:
      1024 x 768 @ 16 Million colors
      1280 x 1024 @ 64 K colors
  • Solid State Disk:
    ?1x Internal CompactFlash TM Socket,
    ?1x External CompactFlash TM Socket
  • Ethernet Port: 1 x 10/100Base-T RJ45 Port
  • Ethernet Controller: RTL-8139
  • GPIO:
    ?1x DB-15 connector for 6x D/I,
    ?6x D/O with protection
    ?( See note for digital Input/Output )
  • Keyboard/mouse connector: AT Keyboard and PS/2 Mouse
  • IDE Interface: Support 2 x enhanced IDE HDD
  • IDE Header: 44 pin
  • LED: 1 x Power, 1 x HDD, 4 x Status LED
  • Power Supply Voltage: DC 24 V (Range DC 12 V ~ 35 V)
  • Max. Power Requirements: +24 V @ 0.5 A
  • Serial Ports:
      2 x DB9 RS-232 ports (COM1,2)
      1 x DB9 RS-485 port (COM 3)
  • Operation Temperature: 0 to 60?C
  • Chassis Size (mm): 188.8 x 106.5 x 35.5
  • Weight: 0.7 kg
  • Note:
      Digital Input Voltage -Low: 0.5 V max. High: 2.4 V max
      Digital Output Voltage -Open Collector 5 to 40 V DC.Sink Current 200 mA max.
WebCon Developing Tool Kits (Option)
  • OS Platform: Windows®CE 2.12
  • Remote Utility: PLC nodes configuration/programming/alarm notification
  • WebCon Server:
    HTTP 1.01/1.1 Compliant
    CGI Script Support
    C Script engine as an interface of connected devices

WEB-2040 Ordering Information

  • WEB-2040-0000 : Hardware only
  • WEB-2040-1100 : Hardware + 16 MB CompactFlashTM + WebCon Developing Tool Kits
  • WEB-2040-2000 : Hardware + 16 MB CompactFlashTM + Windows® CE OS

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