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10/100 Base-TX Fast Ethernet Module

MIC-3660 Introduction

The MIC-3660 is a 3U-sized CompactPCI™ high-performance fast Ethernet module. This module complies with IEEE 802.3/802.3u for 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX data rate and CompactPCI specification 2.0 R2.1. The module uses an Intel82558B fast Ethernet controller with integrated PHY. It's on-chip 3 KB receive/transmit FIFOs and 32-bit PCI scatter-gather bus mastering capability provides high speed data transfer at 100 Mbps within minimum Interframe Spacing (IFS). The MIC-3660 can be connected to a 10 or 100 Mbps Ethernet network. It automatically detects the network's speed and switches to 10 or 100 Mbps operation . The MIC-3660 supports a wide variety of network and operating system drivers. This includes the following drivers: NetWare 286/486, Microsoft LAN manager, LANtastics 6.0, Banyan, IBM LAN support Program, and Windows 3.1/95/NT.

MIC-3660 Features

  • 32-bit PCI bus master interface
  • High-speed operation (100 Mbps)
  • NWay™ auto-negotiation capability detects operation speed (10 or 100 Mbps) and mode (half or full duplex)
  • Plug & Play auto-configuration without setting jumper and switch
  • 3 KB transmit and 3 KB receive FIFOs
  • NetWare, NDIS, ODI and Packet drivers included
  • Three LEDs indicate link status, network activity and speed

MIC-3660 Specification

General Specifications
  • Intel 82558B Ethernet controller chip
  • IEEE 802.3/802.3u 10BASE-T, and 100BASE-TX compatible
  • CompactPCI specification 2.0 R.2.1 compliant
  • Complies to PCI bus specification R.2.1
  • Connector: RJ-45
  • Driver support: NetWare 286/486, Microsoft LAN manager, LANtastics 6.0, Banyan, IBM LAN support program, Windows 3.1/ 95/NT
  • Power consumption: +5 V @ 1.0 A max.
  • Operating temperature: 0 ~ 65 C (32 ~ 149 F)
  • Storage temperature: -20 ~ 70 C (-4 ~ 165 F)

MIC-3660 Ordering Information

  • MIC-3660 : 10/100Base-TX fast Ethernet module, user's manual, driver CD-ROM

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